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As a designer, I’m VERY picky…that’s why I create ALL my own graphics. I want them to look as professional as possible, and rightly so. The truth is there is only ONE designer I’ve trusted (and hired) to do work for me…Mariya.

Tony Laidig

CEO at Custom Toy News and Owner at Expert Media Show

Mariya delivered as promised, on time and above expectation. She effectively implemented my ideas into her sales page. Mariya is attentive to detail and drives results through her pages.

Dylan Kingsberry

Marketing Specialist

I have been lucky enough to work with Mariya for many years. She has been conscientious, thorough, hard working, delightful, and always makes her deadlines. I am thrilled to have had an opportunity to work with her.

Robbie Stillerman

Senior Product Designer , Robbie Stillerman Design, Inc

Mariya’s talents coupled with her creativity makes her stand out above the rest!

Ron Shapland

Design Manager, Candyrific

MK is one of the most punctual, reliable and kind designers I work with. She takes on projects, makes them hers and then delivers what you want. I look forward to hiring her at any opportunity.

Noel Yee

Flow Show Director; Officer at the Flow Arts Institute, Fund the Flow Arts

I was very impressed not only with Mariya’s creativity, but also by her attentiveness. She took our half baked idea for a logo and brought it to life. She went above and beyond, taking time to study our work and used it to make our logo really reflect who we are and what we do.

Noelle Joseph

Company Manager, Edje Construction Inc.

I’m very particular on how my business should look. With her attention to detail and creativity, Mariya always find a way to deliver exactly what I need.

Nick Garcia

Marketing Copy Specialist, Copy Funnels


Graduating from FIT of New York with both an illustration degree and a bachelors in toy design, Mariya entered the work force with both a strong aesthetic sense and the engineering eye for generating physical product. She was enveloped by the toy industry straight out of college and has worked with 4 companies designing board games, inflatables, confectionary toys and packaging, as well as boys’ and girls’ toys.

After generating several loyal clients throughout the years she finally went full time freelance in 2013, devoting more time to her graphic design and illustration clients, like Fund the Flow Arts, and Philatelic Collector.

Her personal accomplishments have played a great roll in her creativity, devotion to her craft and independence from “what everyone else is doing”.  While still balancing her professional career in the toy industry, in 2009 she  began working remotely while satisfying her passion for other cultures and their arts, traveling to a total of 23 countries while still fulfilling all the responsibilities of her job.

In 2011 she settled back in the US with a bulging Moleskin journal of collected graphic scraps, notes, photos and a profound knowledge of design and graphics from here to Chiang Mai.  This, among other experiences, has calibrated her skills to the tune of a unique approach.

Those skills include digital graphics with Alias Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Software (like Illustrator, Photoshop and some Indesign), document formatting with Microsoft Power Point, Word and Excel, and web design with WordPress.  Of course hand sculpting and drawing in a variety of media from pencils to acrylics to ceramics, in a variety of looks from stylized to realistic, remain at the core of her abilities, shaping the ideas she applies to every task she’s gifted.

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