Good Omens: 30-Day Book Illustration Challenge – Day 30!!!

Good Omens: 30-Day Book Illustration Challenge – Day 30!!!

I can’t believe it.  The challenge is *almost* over.  What? You thought it was just 30 days!  I know…I did too, but after all that work, I couldn’t just let this fizzle back out into nothing.  So, here’s the deal.  Including this post, go back through and explore the illustrations I’ve done over the course of the past 30 days and vote on your favorite by commenting in the comments section.  State your intention by saying “This illustration (or book cover) is my favorite”, “I vote for this one” or something like that.  Extra points for anyone who tells me why!  Any comments that are made *not* specifying that they are made as votes, will be considered just as a comment and not a nomination towards the end goal…which is…

After some recovery time, I will go back to the illustration most of you picked as your favorite and tun tun taaaaa – redo it, render it, make it look finished and pretty!  Those who voted for the illustration all get a high res file of the illustration to use as a phone or computer background, print for your wall, etc.  You will always remember that you were a part of making it happen….Always.  That was meant to be creepy, not sure if it translated.  Anyway, there’s more!  All of you (not just the ones who voted for the winner) will have a chance to get a physical print of the illustration mailed to you.  The details for that, however, you will have to stay tuned for.

Not to overshadow our illustration for day 30.  Thank you so much for those who picked it and encouraged me to actually go through the book.  As expected for anything from these two writers it was epic!  And that was a big part of why I saved it for last.  Also, as Lauren Melody pointed out, it’s a necessary and appropriate homage to Sir Terry Pratchett.   Thank you for making us laugh, think and dream.  Please enjoy my simple depiction of Adam Young.




  1. awesome work!


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