Edje Construction Inc. Business Cards

Client: Edje Construction Inc. 

Skills: Photo restoration, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Drawing and Perspective

Date: June, 2014

Conveying the spirit of a brand is the most exciting part of creating its image.  Edje Construction Inc. is a unique construction company with an artistic inclination, specializing in creating beautiful environments that reflect the tastes of their clients.  They’re a discerning customer because functional visuals are the most important part of their job, just like mine.   It only took two takes to give them exactly what they wanted.

I was very impressed not only with Mariya’s creativity, but also by her attentiveness. She took our half baked idea for a logo and brought it to life. She went above and beyond, taking time to study our work and used it to make our logo really reflect who we are and what we do.

Noelle Joseph

Owner , Edje Construction

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